Domestic Window Cleaners in Maidstone

When you hire a domestic window cleaner, you want more than just clean windows, but you also want a smile on your face and a team of window cleaners who provide a quality and reliable service. At Pure Reflections, we’ve had 13 years of experience in developing a robust customer service guarantee.

Clean windows can make a huge difference at your home and it’s essential when you have a little one - that’s why we clean inside and out, to remove those unwanted smudges and streaks.

We know that standard off the shelf window cleaning products can be unreliable and unpredictable, not only this, but it can be very time consuming. The Pure Reflections team have the correct equipment and cleaning products to clean the areas you’re unable to and clean them properly unlike off the shelf products.

We deionise all the water ourselves, as this makes sure all minerals and chemicals are diminished. This is the key to making sure you have no streaks or water marks once your windows have dried.

If you have leaded windows, no problem – we use a Pure Freedom Water Fed system to enable a quality and thorough clean on any type of window. This system will alleviate dirt with the brush as the pressure of the pure water will wash away the dirt in no time.

We offer commercial window cleaning services all over the districts of Maidstone, here’s a list:

  • Barming
  • Grove Green
  • Bearsted
  • Coxheath
  • Downswood
  • Hollingbourne
  • Loose and Linton
  • Marden
  • Yalding
  • Staplehurst
  • Leeds
  • Lenham

If your area isn’t listed, please get in touch to find out whether you’re in our service distance.

With our experience, we believe that cleaning windows at your property in Maidstone on a 4-week basis, as our team promise a 4-week clean period – meaning your windows will be clean up until the next time you see us!

Wherever there is a window, we can clean it. Request a call back or visit this contact for a free quote.